Travelling and Its Benefits on Our Health and Daily Life

Travelling and Its Benefits

✈️ Travelling is a human habit that has been under practice since the dawn of human life.

👨🏼‍🔬 Scientific research has proved that travelling gives us relaxation, meets our quest for more knowledge and also helps us to maintain good health.

🙋🏽‍♂️ This is one activity that comes in with many benefits in human life.


Why is travelling beneficial for health?


We are very familiar with the phrase that travelling is good for health. Below are few supporting scientific facts, that can attest to the beneficial nature of travelling towards the improvement of our health and daily life –


1️⃣ Improvement of Immunity System:

      • Our immunity system protects our body from pathogens.
      • These pathogens are harmful for us.
      • But our immunity system develops antibodies in order to protect us from these pathogens.
      • Antibodies are in general created when exposed to outside particles like dust, dirt and similar agents.
      • Studies have proved that our immunity system responds better to pathogens to which it has a previous exposure.
      • When you travel, your body is exposed to many such foreign antibodies and this in turn helps in building a stronger immunity system.
      • According to certain travellers’ experience their travel history has worked as the best example of antibody building and hence strengthening your immunity system.


2️⃣ Lowering the Level of stress in mind:

      • Have you ever noticed how your mood gets filled up with happiness after every travel?
      • Yes its helps to relieve you off your stress to a great extent.



  • Don’t be surprised, it’s a proven fact. Travel reduces your depression and makes you feel happy.
  • As per studies, a person needs a holiday for at least 3 days to refresh and rest him to return back with reduced anxiety and improved mood.
  • Good news! This refreshed mood lasts in the person for several weeks.


3️⃣ Development of the health of your brain:

      • If you need to expand or develop your mind, then nothing can be more beneficial than travelling.
      • Get yourself adapted to new and ever changing situation and meet with altogether new people from different places.
      • Develop your knowledge and become more aware culturally and globally.
      • This sharpens your mind and improves your cognitive flexibility as you gather newer experiences.
      • If you check stats, it clearly reflects increased creativity, improved sense of various cultures and your personal development.
      • Journals have even claimed that people studying abroad and indulging in tours and travel, are more stable emotionally and have open mind.


4️⃣ Reduced chances of cardio related diseases:

      • Our heart is directly related to anxiety and stress.
      • Whenever stressed we tend take refuge by opting for holidays and travelling.
      • The more you take break from stressing work and travel on a vacation, you lower your anxiety level and as a result prevent yourself from becoming affected with cardiac diseases.
      • Eminent institutes, who research on cardio issues, have declared that people who travel are less prone to cardiac arrest.


5️⃣ Stay fit as you travel:

      • When you speak of travelling what is that first thought that comes in your mind?
      • No wonder it’s the thought related to the transportation means wherein you will be needed to sit idle for long hours.
      • But that’s not the only scenario.
      • Travel provides you with scope of activity.
      • When you spend your money to visit a new place it is quite obvious that you indulge in all local activities for example local sports, walking tours and hiking.
      • In general activities are way more than what we in general do at our home.

Do you think beach is all about relaxing?

      • Actually it is way more as it strengthens your cuff muscles as and when you walk across the sandy beach.


6️⃣ Visiting places that heals:

      • Did you know that there are many places on this earth which possess special healing powers?
      • Well these places are in general scenic places and definitely not the backyard of your home or somewhere in a city.
      • You need visit places where you find geothermal activities, hot springs.
      • When you take a dip in this spring’s or take a mud bath, you are actually providing your skin with minerals that can heal, relieve of joints pains, stress and in turn increase your life span.
      • Rejuvenating yourself is at its best in such mineral-rich grounds.
      • There are also places where you can gain from the vortexes of energy that flows with the electricity, wind or water.
      • Here you get rejuvenated with the power of mother earth and with the positive energy around you.
      • Some common energizing and healing places on earth are Dead Sea, the Stonehenge, blue lagoon in Iceland and many more.


7️⃣ Travel more and live long:

      • Who doesn’t want a long life for themselves?
      • Well an easy solution to long life is travelling!
      • It’s a true and proven fact again.

People who love travelling can expect a longer life than people who don’t.

      • No matter where you travel to – be it local or abroad, you can expect longer life.
      • As already proved travel plays a positive role in your body in stress reduction, which in turn helps us to stay health, both from outside and inside and also aids to the health of our brain.
      • The healthier you stay the longer life you can expect.
      • Travelling gives you the will power to have a long life in expectation of new adventures and fun to come.


8️⃣ Enhance your relationship and add more purpose to life:

      • Our busy work schedules are making our personal bonds stringent day by day.
      • Add a new perspective to your life and travel with your near and dear ones.
      • The more new places you explore together, the better are the chances of developing the broken bonds.
      • As you relax in vacation, you end up spending quality time with loved ones, thus making up for the moments you couldn’t probably enjoy due to stressed life.
      • Travelling makes you fresh and charged up for new adventures in life.


Add motivation to life and travel more.



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