How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Kiribati Island [Exclusive Travel Guide]

Kiribati Island

Are you making travel plans for this New Year’s Eve?

Not sure what will be the perfect gateway during that time?

Check-out the latest trends in tourism and visit Kiribati Island to enjoy the best Pacific and Micronesia holiday ever.

A Brief on Kiribati Island:

A Brief on Kiribati Island
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Kiribati is one of the most exotic destinations located on the Pacific Ocean as one of the sovereign states present in Micronesia.

The clusters of islands here are known as Kiribati.  If you are a coral reef lover then this is the paradise for you offering a cluster of 30 coral-based islands. These islands are again divided into 3 groups of islands –

  1. The Line Island Group
  2. The phoenix island groups
  3. The Gilbert island groups

Pro Tips:

  • Did you that the Republic of Kiribati are the first among all countries in the world that celebrates the bash of New Year!
  • Isn’t it quite amazing to be present at a place like this on the New Year’s Eve and to be among the first people to welcome the New York?
  • One must make this once in a life time travel plan and spend 31st December in Kiribati.


New Year’s Eve in the Republic of Kiribati:

New Year’s Eve

Kiribati island groups can be ideally called the Land where the Sun Rises.

Why not? It is quite fascinating that they start with their New Year Celebration way ahead of the World.

Being located immediately to the west of the International Date Line, they enjoy the benefit of having a time zone 14 hours well ahead of the UTC.

So the entire world awaits the New Year with setting rays of Sun on 31st December, Kiribati islands are already celebrating.

How strange was the fact the eastern and western part of Kiribati has 2 different time zones and enjoys a difference of almost 24 hours!

  • This happened solely because the International Date Line was drawn all straight on every map.
  • This is one of the major reasons behind changing the course of the International Date Line in 1995.
  • Thus 1995, 1st January, the International Date Line was shifted eastward ensuring that all islands of Kiribati come to the west of the Line.

So, the entire Kiribati had been the ones who enjoyed New Year first since 1996.

They were officially declared to the first place on earth that experiences the rays of the sun at the dawn of the 3rdMillennium.

The celebration went to the next level from 2000 when the name Caroline island, Kiribati was changed to the Millennium islands.

This change surely gave rise to the new time zone of UTC +14 hours, which was exclusively reserved to the Kiribati Islands.

Pro Tips:

  • Tonga islands are another group of islands that enjoyed the benefit of the change in the International Date Line.
  • They along with Kiribati enjoy the New Year first as they fall in the same line as Kiribati.


The Travel Craze for Kiribati Islands:

A modern trend of surged tourism has been observed among globe trotters to visit Kiribati.

It is actually great news that connective discomfort doesn’t stand in the path of Kiribati Tourism.

Even though one might find it difficult to fly into the Kiribati islands, their is much flight connectivity from Australia or the French Polynesian islands.

No doubt Kiribati experiences the surge of touristic demands when New Year approaches.

The culture, gourmet, and of course the charm of being the first one to celebrate New Year’s, brings all enthusiasts to the exotic islands of Kiribati.

But when you visit Kiribati it’s not only restricted to celebrating New Year at its best.

If you are here during New Year with more than a couple of day’s holiday in hand, then you need to explore the exotic experiences Kiribati has to offer.

Starting from the turquoise blue waters, coral reefs, white sandy beaches, fishing experience to experiencing the different culture, gourmet and of course the mind-blowing nightlife here.

Kiribati has one of the lovely beaches that offer exclusive surfing opportunities to all the tourists.


Pro Tips:

  • Did you know Kiribati islands are spread through all the 4 hemispheres of the globe?


Emerge into the overwhelming culture of this place and enjoy the New Year like a local, with your family.


Traveling to Kiribati Islands:

Traveling to Kiribati Islands
Image by Alaska Airlines Blog

If you want to visit Kiribati this New Year then you can enter the place through 3 of its International entry points –

  1. Tarawa
  2. Kanton islands and most importantly
  3. Kiritimati

If you want to enter Kiribati, you can take direct flights from Nadi.

Weekly flights are available from Nadi to Kiritimati.

So you want to visit from the USA then you can also enter the country from Honolulu.

Two major airlines that dominate the sky o

f this region are Fiji Airways and Nauru Airlines.

With Nauru Airlines, you can now connect with Brisbane, Australia also.




If you have a plan to visit the Kanton islands for New Year then you need to hire your own charter plane.

Hiring a private boat from Kiritimati is also another option.


People spending the New Year over here get to enjoy the New Year celebration on the beach.

All popular discos and music entertainment and resorts are located right on the sandy beachside.

How wonderful is it to wake up on the 1st date of the year by the turquoise blue water and start your day with a sip of refreshing coconut water!

Booking accommodation in such exotic resorts and beachside huts is very easy.

You simply need to go online and book a preferred hotel.



The republic of Kiribati had been offering tourists an exclusive destination to celebrate their New Year since 1996.

It is a great experience to be present there and to become one of the first people who get to welcome the New Year first in the whole world.

No wonder the celebration here goes to the next level.

Visit the Kiribati islands during New Year’s Eve and enjoy more amidst the white sandy beach and turquoise blue water.



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