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Hi ! Lovely reader !

Welcome to

CuriousKasturi.com !

Let me guess a little bit about you. You are a strong woman or man, looking out for some solid information about anything that concerns this world. And is this how you landed in this blog site? Well then, you have come to the right place.

Holla folks! I’m Kasturi Paul, a responsible homemaker, mother of a three year old toddler and a brilliant wife to a digital marketer husband! I am a lady with nothing more than a passion for writing, a dream to make my voice audible to all (through my words) and a laptop.

With all these at hand, and the power of social media growing large with every minute, one fine day, I thought to myself: “Hey! Why sit at home idle! How about being an avid blogger! That’s not such a bad thing. Besides, if I can help people with adequate informations that they are looking for, I will be great help to all.”

I like to call my blog SELF-help blog as SELF stands for ‘Self Development and Enrichment of Life and Family’. Beginning this blog on 2019, it is climbed up a ladder that only goes up, my friends!

Thank you for dropping in here! Please visit my page for more information. 

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